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Tasting Flight

$15 choose any 3 wines

White Wines

2018 S·P·G
  • bottle 45
  • glass 14

Pineapple, apricot, tangerine cream, buttered pastry, and spring blossoms on the nose. The fruit persists on the palette intertwined with the cream and subtle pastry.

2017 Chardonnay
  • bottle 30
  • glass 11

Caramel, baked pineapple, meyer lemon, vanilla bean, and praline on the nose. The mouthfeel is lush with fruit, vanilla, and pineapple. Pair with your favorite poultry dish, baked/grilled halibut, lobster with drawn butter, semi soft cheeses, and vegetables with tarragon.

2017 Dry Riesling
  • bottle 24
  • glass 9

Lemon, apricot, quince, with sweet blossoms on the nose. The blossoms and citrus persist on the palate with linear tannins and a long, balanced finish.

2018 Unwooded Chardonnay
  • bottle 22
  • glass 9

Grilled peach, beeswax, pineapple, and wet stones on the nose. The fruit presents a juicy quality on the palate with pineapple and a touch of vanilla (not from oak) on the finish.

2016 Pinot Gris
  • bottle 15
  • glass 7

Beeswax, honey, honeydew melon, clove, peach. Mouthfeel is semi-smooth with short tannins and a dry, fruity finish.

2017 Pinot Gris
  • bottle 22
  • glass 9

Bright crisp fruit on the palate with a lush mid wrapped on gentle oak and a lingering finish. Pair with your favorite chicken dish, grilled pork, grilled root veggies and sheep’s milk cheeses.

2017 Pinot Gris, Winemaker’s Reserve
  • bottle 34
  • glass 11

Pinot Gris, the descendant of Pinot Noir, thrives in our cool climate. Ripe, lush fruit was hand-selected before fermenting in both concrete and oak, resulting in a broad mouthfeel of fruit and spice.

2017 Riesling, Winemaker’s Reserve
  • bottle 34
  • glass 11

The carmel apple and jasmine on the nose mingle with sweet oak notes. This will evolve over time into a fruity richness—it will age so lay it down, Sally!

2018 45 White
  • bottle 17
  • glass 9

Big aromatics in this version of 45 White. Peach, apricot, sweet cut grass (almost Sauv Blanc-ish?) and white blossoms. Pair with any light fish, spicy vegetarian fare, beaches, boats and backyards.

2018 Medium Sweet Riesling
  • bottle 18
  • glass 8

Peaches, lemons, apricot, and fresh floral on the nose. Pair with your favorite light summer dish, a friend, a picnic, a boat, or any other situation that makes you smile.

2017 Select Harvest Riesling
  • bottle 18
  • glass 8

Citrus and white flowers with peach notes. Balanced sweetness with crisp fruit finish.

Rosé Wines

2019 45 Bubbly Rosé
  • bottle 24
  • glass 10

Cranberries, strawberries, cherries, and a hint of spice on the nose. The cherries and cranberries persist on the palate along with bright acidity and a dry finish.

2017 Rosé
  • bottle 18
  • glass 10

We discovered this blend by happenstance. We were doing Riesling blending with everything to see what a little “Vitamin R” would do and loved the Cab Franc.

Skin Ferment Wines

2017 Skin Ferment Riesling
  • bottle 26
  • glass 9

Bright golden in color. Savory aromas and a focused, tight mouthfeel that finishes with mulled fruit spice. 25 days on skins. Stainless aged.

2017 Skin Ferment Pinot Gris
  • bottle 26
  • glass 9

Brilliant copper color with strawberry hues from skin fermentation. Nutty aromas with hints of oak, berries, citrus, and spice. Bright yet gripping tannins. 21 days on skins. 8 months in oak.

Red Wines

2017 Pinot Noir
  • bottle 36
  • glass 12

Chocolate covered cherries, cloves, and orange peel wrapped lightly in aromatic oak on the nose. The fruit-driven finish last for days. Pair with duck, mushroom risotto, or lobster mac’n’cheese.

Fruit Wines

Sparkling Peach
  • bottle 20
  • glass 9

Formerly known as Peach Crémant, this is a delicious, bubbly blend of 25% cold-pressed Leelanau peaches and 75% white wine blend. The ultimate summer wine.

Dessert Wines

Cherry Dessert
  • bottle 30

Red wine blend barrel-aged with cherries.

Specialty Drinks

Not available in flights.

Mulled Wine
  • glass 10

Pinot Gris & Skin Ferment Riesling with mulling spices.

The Kir
  • glass 12

45 Bubbly Rosé with a splash of Cherry Dessert!

  • glass 9

Add Pinot Noir topper: +$2

  • glass 9

Add Peach or Pinot Gris topper: +$2


Small Antipasto
  • 6

Choose an option:
1. Calabrese, sharp asiago, artisanal crackers

2. Soppressata, mild cheddar, artisanal crackers

3. Genoa salami, fontina, artisanal crackers

Large Antipasto
  • 20

Choose an option:
1. Genoa salami, applewood-smoked Napoli salami, fennel pollen Toscano salami, spicy Calabrese salami, artisanal crackers

2. Olives, parmesan cheese, Genoa salami, pepper-garlic soppressata salami, Frescatrano olives, artisanal crackers

Mixed Olives
  • 6

Assorted olives including kalamata, castelvetrano, and niçoise.

Hummus Plate
  • 8

Served with crackers.

Ice Box Brand Gourmet Ice Cream Bar
  • mini 2.75
  • full 6

Assorted flavors available. Get two minis for 5 or two full-size for 10.

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