Cider with Latitude

45 North Ciders. Crisp, refreshing, and a whole lotta fun. Now in cans.

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Fresh Coast - Dry Cider

Fresh Coast

Dry Cider

Midway between East and West, there’s a third coast. The lake’s crisp waters stretch out like an ocean, and its classic seaside spirit is written on the sky. Some call it Fresh Coast. We call it home.

This cider is dry, full, and round on the palate with a refreshing, crisp finish.

Get fresh with Fresh Coast.

Singletrack - Citra-Hopped Cider


Citra-Hopped Cider

At the latitude of 45 North, there are magnetic nights when the sky glows yellow and green. Strange and beautiful lights wheel across the sky, leaving blazing trails that weave through visions of vast hop yards ready for harvest.

This cider is dry-hopped for bright, IPA-like aromas and a delicious dry cider taste.

Make the night electric with Singletrack.

Oakayzie - Barrel-Aged Cider


Barrel-Aged Cider

Time is the mother of transformation. The moon spins around itself like a cocoon, bringing out new phases and metamorphoses. The butterfly emerges, shaking sleep from her wings as she rises above the oak and above the orchard.

This cider is aged in oak barrels for subtle notes of oak and the full flavors of aged apple.

Float like a butterfly with Oakayzie.

45 RPM: A-Cider - Semi-Sweet Cider

45 RPM

Semi-Sweet Cider

Lay the needle down in the latitude of 45 North, and listen to the trees. Their rings are the music of years. Their grooves are in tune with the grove. Every note is alive with the sweetness of the season. The world keeps on spinning.

This cider is lush with a sweet finish to balance a natural acidity, suitable for all cider drinkers.

Play it again with 45 RPM.