Live Music from Eye in Queue

Next in Line (front cover)This weekend, Eye in Queue (Neil Peplinski & Aaron Netsell) will be playing live at the winery on Friday, July 2 from 4-6pm and Saturday, July 3 from 4-7pm. They’ll be playing an electric/acoustic mix of various songs off their albums as well as some cover tunes. Stay tuned for more details coming mid-week. In the meantime, check out some audio samples from their first album, “Wait and See”.

Notes from the back cover of their latest album, “Next in Line”:

Next in Line (back cover)We’re not a rock band, or a blues band, or folk band. In fact as only two guys, it’s hard to say we qualify as a band at all but we certainly have fun making music and we hope you enjoy “Next in Line”, our second album in a series of…well, at this point two. How many will there be? Who knows? But as long as it stays fun and we can keep coming up with new material, keep your ears tuned! In the meantime, unless you just plain don’t like music, we think you’ll find something in the song list that piques your interest. Be sure to listen closely…