Going inShawn called me the other day apologizing that he did not win a gold medal at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition (FLIWC). Over two hundred wineries were represented with over 2400 wines judged. Forty-Five North has entered multiple wine competitions including the FLIWC, Pacific Rim, Indianapolis, etc., with the first being Finger Lakes. Those wines submitted were barrel samples and not completely finished wines, and this, honestly, sounds like an excuse, but nevertheless the truth. These wines were no more than four months old. Shawn is more than tough on himself as each wine entered received a medal with five of them being silver, exhibiting accurate varietal characteristics of each wine. Among the silver awards were Cabernet Franc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Riesling with bronze medals going to Vignoles, 45 White and Pinot Noir. Those same wines, now finished, are being judged as we speak. Above all, I am extremely pleased with Shawn’s efforts and am proud of those results. Maynard, too, commented and was somewhat surprised at the placing of the Riesling, which he feels will do much better as it ages. As an aside, I looked at the vintages, and many of the wines ahead of Forty-Five North were several years older. To be sure, I will keep you abreast of future competitions and I, for one, will raise my glass to Shawn in his present and future accomplishments.

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