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Tonsilarial Sensorial Tutorial

Recalling Steve Martin’s role as Navin Johnson in The Jerk when asked by the wine steward whether he would like another bottle of Chateau Latour, I recall his response: “Yes, but no more 1966, let’s splurge! Bring us some fresh wine! The freshest you’ve got—this year’s. No more of this old stuff.” The steward responsed, “Oui”, and […]

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Forty-Five Carat!

So, what’s better than 22-carat gold? Forty-Five Carat Gold, of course! The title of this missive would indicate that once again gold has been discovered on the 45th parallel and not only once, but thrice. Last fall, the San Francisco Wine Competition deemed our Hard Apple Cider worthy of gold. Second, at the Finger Lakes […]

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Beam Me Up!

Coming with Forty-Five North’s Michigan Winery License in 2007 was an automatic licensure of a tasting room; imagine our excitement upon receiving that news. Since then, picture if you will, a tent, a production room wannabe tasting room, an antique barn heretofore designated as “tdb” (that darn barn; see photo), a raised trunk lid, and […]

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