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Stain Less Tasting

After you spill a red wine on the carpet, you have a permanent reminescence of that wine, at least its color. And, completely removing wine stains is virtually an impossible task regardless of all the ShamWow!® commercials. Therefore, it is recommended to only drink white wines over carpet—they leave little if any long term stains. […]

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Tasting Room

Dissecting the term, “Tasting Room”, requires deeper analysis of both “tasting” and “room.” Tasting, as in winery, is defined as the olfactory experience of sampling wine, and as a privileged taster at an event in Napa with a select number of Australian vintners, I experienced wine judges doing what they do best: gargling, sucking, aerating […]

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Wine Health Redux

I’m now going to dive into the deep, unexplored pool of knowledge concerning alcohol, the simple two carbon molecule, and its effects on the human body. Many studies have shown that longevity is positively affected by those who have alcohol as part of their diets, the actuaries know this as well, alcohol usage is a […]

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Wine and Health

Is wine a health food? Evidence mounts that it actually is, but one has to be careful in interpreting the scientific data and analyze the chemistry and its biochemical effects. This article is intended to be a primer on the health aspects of wine. Much of the historical history of wine involves the 300-400 year […]

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